Cellphone tracking

Our AVL Track system supports the IDEN cellular phones. This unique technology from MOTOROLA offers the following advantages:

  • Very low equipment cost and sometimes free cellular phone with 3 year contract
  • Possibility to use a cellular phone for tracking an individual.
  • Possibility to hide the unit in a vehicle to protect it against theft.
  • The 'in car' installation provides 24 hour tracking without the need for human intervention with the GPS SUPERVISOR accessory.
  • Provide the customer with the possibility to always stay on the cutting edge of technology developments. You only have to get a cellular phone which you must change every 3 year or so.
  • The customer is supported by the continuously evolving MOTOROLA R&D department who comes up with new phone for Nextel on the regularly.
  • The biggest advantage of this solution has to be the extremely low and competitive price of this hardware compare to any GPS Modems (Black boxes) that are very expensive to buy. Since there is no antenna to install it is also very easy and inexpensive to install.


Using a Cellular Phone for tracking is a great idea. People who sell GPS Modem (black boxes) solutions will tell you that this idea can cause serious operating problems, and they were 100% right before AVL Track came around with its cellular solution.

The problem is experienced by any user who installs a hidden cell phone in a vehicle. Every time the vehicle battery stops working, whether it is because it is defective, old, or because repairs on the vehicle are requires that we unplug it, the cell phone will turn off too. This situation forces you to remove the hidden cell phone from the dashboard and reinstall it. The same problem will also happen if an outage with the Data network occurs. Just like a computer that needs to be rebooted when Windows freezes, you sometimes have to reboot the cell phone. This represents onerous servicing costs and is simply annoying for the user. Our competitors offering cellular GPS solutions have to deal with these problems on a daily basis. But they are very likely to not advise you.

Fortunately, we, at AVL Track, have designed an intelligent electronic module taking care and countering these problems. This module is the GPS SUPERVISOR. We are presently the only company offering this essential accessory. Please refer to our GPS SUPERVISOR web site section for more detailed information.