In 2003, we started looking for a GPS tracking partner. But all the GPS applications we found did not really meet the needs of our customers in North America. In 2004, we decided to develop our own GPS tracking application tailored to the needs of North American businesses. In 2005, AVLTRACK was born. Our mission is to provide our customers with a reliable and easy to use GPS tracking system that is low cost and allows for efficient management of their fleet of vehicles.

In the beginning, we used MIKE's Iden technology, which was very popular at the time, to locate our customers' vehicles. At that time, modem technology was not really available due to the cost associated with modems for most of our customers.

As time went on, modem technology improved and costs dropped considerably. This opened the door to new clients.

In 2010, AVLTRACK continued to grow and improve its tracking platform with useful options for our customers' needs in Quebec. Alert management, refrigerated trailer temperature management, report management and much more.

In 2016, we launched the AOBRD electronic logbook for our transportation customers in the US and Canada. In late 2018, our ELD was approved by the FMSCA in the US. Now a Canadian ELD version is available.


With over 10,000 users, mainly in Quebec, after-sales service has become an important trademark for our customers.

Whether on the road or in our ultra-modern workshop, service is provided by our highly qualified technicians.