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Avl track will save you money

Fuel Economy

20% reduction in idle time. 12% reduction on fuel consumption.

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Commute time

16% more productivity per driver. AVLTRACK offers log hours of service in AOBRD mode and is in ELD development.

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Follow-up precision

Know the location of every vehicule in your fleet in real time.

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AVLTrack allows you to know, in a flash, where every member of teams is. Our GPS tracking tools allow you to trace and record the movements of all your team members and your complete fleet of vehicles to plan their runs more effectively. AVL Track technologies offer you an innovative service to increase your efficiency and concretely improve your employee management abilities.

First generation tracking systems only allowed you to locate vehicles. Now, you can track, in real-time ,read telemetry.

This is a truly revolutionary technological breakthrough!

  • Track your vehicles in real-time
  • Locate your employees in no time
  • Virtually protect your assets
  • Create speed and distance reports
  • Take wiser decisions
  • Save on travel time
  • Install easily
  • Electronic logbook ELD

Take advantage of our gps tracking technology today!

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