• Track your vehicles in real-time
  • Locate your employees in no time
  • Virtually protect your assets
  • Create speed and distance reports
  • Take wiser decisions
  • Save on travel time
  • Install easily

You will be able to follow your units in real-time and get complete reports through any computer connected to the Internet. Developed for the international market, AVL Track is the only system with entirely bilingual functions.

The system works with GPS signals generated by Iden technology or Mike cellular phones. We also offer a version compatible with 1XRTT and EVDO

Getting started with our tracking system only requires you to contact your authorized AVL Track dealer and upload our small and easy software onto your cellular phone. We then give you direct access to the web console. There are no complex softwares to deal with on your PC. Our software is SIMPLE and INTUITIVE with a user-friendly interface.